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💩Shitpost💩 They are the same picture

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Politics What the US needs the most.

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Reddit Recap 2021

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r/Music 12h ago

music streaming I hit a 100 Monthly Listeners in Spotify!! :)


Hey, I came here just to share how happy I am that my Artist Profile on Spotify hit a 100 Monthly Listeners! I'm an upcoming music producer and right now I'm the happiest I've been in quite some time because of that!! Thanks to everyone listening to my stuff and I am really glad what I do is well-liked for the few people that actually listen. Any interaction with my music is appreciated. Thank you!
Also, if somebody is interested, I'll post my Artist Profile below. Take care! (-:

r/Avengers 8h ago


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r/NYGiants 14h ago

DISCUSSION Daniel Jones, Let's Admit it Already


We need to admit that Daniel Jones is not the answer. Are there systemic problems within the organization? Yes. is the Oline bad? Yes. Is Jones the root of all the problems? No, but he isnt the answer either. It's blatantly obvious he fails the eye test. Lots of young QB's play behind poor O-lines but there are usually signs that the QB has the potential. Jones has yet to do that. Each week, I watch young QB's like Herbert or Burrow make great throws or make a play out of nothing, and my first thought is "Wow, Jones could never do that." Please don't use the O-Line as an end all be all excuse, the Bengals o-line isn't good and the Dolphins is the worst in the league and Tua has been playing very well since he returned from injury. Hell, even Taylor Henicke is making a lot of plays and winning games.

We need to admit we made a mistake and move on, even if that means using a bridge QB next year.

Edit: We also have two first round picks that more than likely will be Top 10. Use that draft capital to make a trade for Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson (if cleared), etc.

r/gaming 12h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

Whys Ubisofts NFTs are a good thing.


Now before you downvote my post in oblivion, atleast give it a quick read so you can educated yourself a bit about what this means for the future of the industry when it comes to online games and in game items.

People seem to think they know what an NFT is around here but they don't they only have part of the picture and don't understand at all why it will be a good thing in the long run having NFTs in the online gaming space.

Whats an NFTs?

NFT stand for non fungible token, what's that? It is a unique one of a kind token that is stored in a personal wallet. These tokens will contain a set of properties that can be used to define characteristics of the NFT. A NFT isn't inheritly a jpeg or gif it can be almost anything online and depends on the devs just like its properties can vary NFT to NFT.

Why is this good?

Well because its better for consumers then the current model of in game items unlike regular in game items, the users have a undisputable proof of purchase as well as being free to trade it freely between accounts or even sell it on a second market, makes it easy to import your ingame items between games and even outside of the game itself.

Common complaints.

Can't this be achieve by the companies database to begin with?

Yes to a degree, except databases can be hacked, they can glitch out and have errors on the blockchain it is solid proof that its your and can only be changed by someone hacking into your wallet and transferring it out.

Oh so you be hacked?

Yes just like any online account except when hacked on the blockchain you can see exactly where the movement occurred and where it was moved it. This means its traceable and people could actually face jail time over theft and hacking of your gaming accounts.

Can't we already trade between users with The companies database being used?

Yes but again they could be hacked but also your at the whims of the devs in to what degree you can transfer or sell items. PC users can often transfer and sell skins and other items a lot easier then console users can. With NFTs they will be inheritly on a system that can be easily used to trade or sell their items, something that is possible now but always just depends on how well the devs implement these trading features if at all.

What about energy? I've heard that the energy required for these NFTs is huge?

Ubisoft is doing NFTs on Tezos and very green low energy blockchain while still being fully decentralised and secure. Ubisoft actually addressed this and said it's one of the reasons why they choose Tezos as the blockchain to use. On top of this the more transactions amd users on Tezos the more energy efficient it becomes.

What about these gas fees? If the fee costs too much to transfer then whats the point of being able to freely transfer them?

Tezos has already dealt with gas fees so using the network will always be cheap as in around $0.01 and if it gets too expensive it is able to change and lower the gas price because of its on chain governance which allowed users of Tezos to vote on upgrades to the blockchain.

What if the game disappears after I buy an NFT?

What if games goes down after you spend a bunch of money on an in game cosmetic? The same thing except you lose it completely, atleast with an NFT, you might be able to pull it into another game made by the same company or an external app or game if they can get the same assets available. Atleast the users will have more control over selling and trading them between systems and outside of provided marketplaces.

What if the companies decides to change the linked in game item or parameters of the NFT?

This is already a current risk with game systems and databases. It doesn't void every other benefit of the NFT.

Don't get me wrong, Ubisoft and other companies will try to take advantage of this current NFT craze and people will be buying them purely trying to make money. But this is a more short-term thing and is the wrong way to approach these. In general it as actually a more consumer friendly approach.

Tldr: It's actually more consumer friendly, as it gives consumers more rights over the in game items they own and it uses barely any power to do so. No destruction of the rainforests here.

Edit: For those saying it's too much monetisation. Its the exact same level we are already at except the consumers actually own their products. Atleast a bunch more then they currently do.

r/funny 20h ago

Savage 🤣😂

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r/pathofexile 18h ago

Cautionary Tale Saddest ring I've ever seen

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r/wallstreetbets 15h ago

Gain Holding for FREEDOM 💪

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r/unpopularopinion 10h ago

If you send your text replies as their own separate bubble, you’re an asshole


Excuse the title gore so I’ll provide an example.

Me: How was your day?

Asshole: It was good.

Also Asshole: I went shopping.

Asshole again: Went home.

Asshole for the 3rd time: Then I forgot some things so I had to go back lol.

Asshole for the 4th time: Then I went back home.

Asshole again(fuck you if you’re this person): Crazy day, but it was good how was yours.

Now imagine if all those were separate bubbles/notifications, you’re phone is just buzzing off in your pocket 4 times in the span of a minute because some fuckass couldn’t put everything into one paragraph.

The “return” button is basically like tabbing so why is that so hard for people to do. Why does anyone think it’s better to send a simple paragraph as one text.

The constant notifications because some people want to be quirky or flat out lazy is annoying as fuck. If you do this you’re an asshole plain and simple. Grow up and just send it all in one reply. It’s like replying to someone on Reddit but doing 15 fucking times when you could’ve put you’re thought into one reply.

EDIT: Y’all are asshole forreal lmfao, this might scare the mods lol.

EDIT 2: This is just hilarious now. Thank y’all for the chuckles.

r/MovieMistakes 19h ago

Movie Mistake In Spirited Away they show a clock in the beginning which has '3' & '9' in the wrong spots, it also seems to have '13' instead of '12' and '7' instead of '6'.

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r/SeattleWA 11h ago Wholesome

Meta Thank you for common sense r/SeattleWA


r/sanfrancisco is like r/seattle x10 and it’s so insufferable. Probably why the problems of San Francisco will never get better compared to Seattle. Proud to have lived here.

r/programming 11h ago Gold

How does IP rate-limiting work and how to avoid IP rate limits

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r/Destiny 11h ago

Drama "Destiny's not a good guy...." - Hasan



Calls the cops on his girlfriend even though he said calling cops is almost always bad around this timeframe... that one is especially fucked since she claimed it wasn't warranted.


Shifts goal posts from the the rich or 1% (which he is now) to billionaires to excuse his own consumerism.

Holds things in the past (especially in Emmia's case) against others while being a raging transphobe not even ten years ago.

Rages about billionaires... even though some like Soros and the Gates have done more to help Africa than he will ever...

r/formula1 5h ago

Video A Max Verstappen Overtake Montage

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r/RPClipsGTA 21h ago

Koil on the Community

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r/battlefield2042 23h ago

This game is fun


That’s it. I’m having fun with this game. I’ve played 40 hours of 2042 and it’s been really fun. It’s not my first battlefield, I logged hundreds of hours on 4 and 1. It’s not perfect, but it is a lot of fun.

Edit: Downvote me if you must, I’m only speaking my truth

r/ottawa 10h ago

The Pond Scum of City Council


Just your Wednesday reminder that the following councillors are holding Ottawa back from becoming a real city.

  • Tim Tierney
  • Eli El-Chantiry
  • Matt Luloff
  • Glen Gower
  • Laura Dudas
  • Jean Clouthier
  • George Darouze
  • Cathy Curry
  • Scott Moffatt
  • Rick Chiarelli
  • Keith Egli
  • Catherine Kitts
  • Allan Hubley
  • Jan Harder
  • Jim Watson (Mayor)

Remember these names and vote them out in 2022.

r/RPClipsGTA 5h ago

LordKebun K nearly dies getting cocaine

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r/ClassroomOfTheElite 8h ago

Discussion Best ship/duo. Both are independent and strong but complement and need each other to accomplish their goals.

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r/formuladank 14h ago

Love to throw some controversy in here

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r/classicwow 17h ago

Humor / Meme And here....we.......go.

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r/MouseReview 15h ago

Review | Text the superlight is astronomically overrated.


i know "the best" mouse for everyone is by preferrence but DANG the g pro x superlight has absolutely dissapointed me more than anything else in my life.

context: ive been using a lot of mice since around 2010-ish and i guess i can say i have a handful amount of knowledge for gaming mice. i have been hearing about the gpro/x superlight for the longest time but a few days ago was the first time i could get my hands (or hand,,) on one after getting to watch countless mouse tier list where the superlight always rests on top of the throne or yt reviews where they compare every other mouse on the gpro x.

so i was really excited to try and use one to see if its credentials and praise hold true. low and behold, the worst experience ive had on a mouse IN YEARS.

unpopular opinions i guess: -Shape is REALLY mediocre and its nothing to go crazy for :// -M1 and M2 pre travel is absolutely disgusting -side buttons pre travel and mushyness also disgusting. -$2 office mice have better skates(tho i dont know if i just havent broken them in yet.) +i had to buy thirdparty skates to actually make the mouse bearable to use :// -MICRO USB PORT??? -the amount of hand fatigue i got when using this,, oml -$150usd pricetag LMFAO

overall, pretty bad mouse for me but whats bad for me could be amazing for you but if youre new and you have $150 and want to buy a mouse, id rather cut my leg off than recommend you to buy a gpro superlight.

try other mice. there are alot of wayyyy better shapes and feel than this.

easily a 3/10 and thats being generous.

r/mildlyinfuriating 13h ago Silver

Looks like I won't be listening to my new vinyl record. Thanks, USPS

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