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Does MJ remind you of an anime protagonist?


I've been watching the last dance and MJ seems like an anime protagonist. Slowly getting more powerful until he hit the 1990s. Then nothing could stop him. The plot armor is insane.

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Which joggers?


had my eyes on pro elite and premium but i dont know the difference. I want any jogger that looks good i dont really mind the performance as i will wear shorts at the gym

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Old School Send it here

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3 phases of chess

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Squid Game Creators Purchased 3 Trillion Shiba Inu Coins After Scamming People?

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Lore Single-building Worldbuilding Project: North Anchor Tower


This is a new project of mine that's mostly just for fun/practice, although I might involve it in an RPG at some point. I am only focusing on a single building: a skyscraper called North Anchor Tower.

The overall world is a classic superhero setting. A big battle between kaiju monsters a couple of years ago destroyed all the supertall skyscrapers in the city, except for this one. So, at least for now, North Anchor Tower stands alone.

The building is owned by Whitehand Holdings, but that's a front. The real owner is a billionaire supervillainess known as Maid Manticore.

Fast facts:

Address: 3000 N Anchor Street
Stories: 100 (plus 6 basement levels)
Height: 1394 ft (425 m); 1706 ft (520 m) to tip
Floor area: 2,900,000 ft2 (270,000 m2)
Elevators: 76

Maid Manticore is mostly retired from active villainy, but she's happy to use her wealth and power to protect anyone willing to pay her. She went out of her way to invite amoral industrialists, disgraced mad scientists, dealers in stolen and suspect antiquities, and all sorts of other shady characters to rent space in her building. The public is mostly unaware of this, and the superheroes can do little to prove their suspicious.

Notable tenants:

  • Galton Genomics: A pharmaceutical company that's developing treatments for rare diseases... and researching ways to transform humans into obedient super-soldiers. Don't ask about the green, human-sized test tubes on the 35th floor... unless you want to find yourself inside one.
  • Smallroads LLC: On paper, a family-owned adventure travel company. In actuality, it's a pair of twins with superpowers who are trying to collect the pieces of an ancient portal network. They raid excavation sites using their super-strength, and bring the relics to their office on the 46th floor of North Anchor Tower for analysis.
  • Umbral Solutions: A thinly-veiled front for an ancient order of ninja assassins known as the Kagenodento. They are the masters of a mystic art that lets them kill by striking the victim's shadow with their own. Chased out of Japan, the Kagenodento now run a murder-for-hire business out of their little office on the 72nd floor.
  • E.D.G.E.: This is actually a artificially intelligent supercomputer nestled in the "mechanical floor" in the 96th story. It was originally constructed by a brilliant but mad scientist to the specifications of Maid Manticore, who assigned it to surveil the entire building and report on notable events within its walls. But the loyalty of such an AI can't be relied on forever.

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The nuggotiator, truly a bold one

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Popcorn, is it vegan or not? Says contains milk but its not in the ingredients

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Boa noite! Estou tentando cortar e colocar encaixe nesse Droid, já tentei no Meshmixer, no Blender... Nada da certo, todos os tutoriais que vi quando chega em certa etapa dá errado, igual a esse do meshmixer, era pra ter apenas 2 divisão , selecionei...

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[H] 6 inch all-Titanium Blunt Holder w/inline full length Ti cooling/diffusing/condensing element 2x, and 3x Ti debris stop coils [W] $75 Ship incl., PayPal G&S


Holder work best with firmly rolled blunts using a rolling device. OCB Bamboo rolling device recommended. 2 to 2.5 grams recommended for a 110mm blunt. See all photos. All questions welcome.

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Drake landed in Long Beach

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[ Voyager ] Kes’s departure

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Effy qnd Cassie are my least favourite characters and here's why


I HAVEN'T WATCHED SKINS IN 5 MONTHS- REWATCHING ATM To begin, I believe personally that effy and cassie share some of the same traits, in the fact that their mental health issues are so predominant in the show. The fact that they both use their issues to get what they want makes it so grating. Cassie using her ED and self harming habits to get her way with Sid in the beginning of season 1 is so iffy, she also mentions thay she is sick unless they 'let her play with the cats' when she's in the eating disorder unit showing the fact that she is purposefully making herself sick. I personally feel like cassie did nothing to help chips when he was seizing, she just held him while he was bleeding heavily, didn't panic or go and get a phone to vall the ambulance, she had that chance to save him and she didn't , she just decides to pack up her shit and walk away like nothing happened

Effys psychotic episode is so stereotypical in the fact that she'd planning her suicide, was collecting thinsg and isolating herself, then Freddie didn't even pick up on the signs until it was too late even though his mother committed suicide. Effy also comes off as quite an edge Lord, in the fact thay she feels very ironic in the character development, trying to base base single thing around her and the way she ruins pandas party by spiking the brownies really made me upset as panda deserved deserved much better, panda didn't want to grow up just yet but everyone else around her forced her out of her innocent and childlike ways when she cheated on Thomas with Cook

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When you watch a trailer for an upcoming movie, which actor or actress starring in it makes you want to avoid seeing it?


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Fan Made Gamora :) by me

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[ StarTrekMemes ] Captin Sisko is a badass

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[ ShittyDaystrom ] F, M, K every Jeffrey Combs character

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I found this coin at work. Google search wasn't very helpful but maybe someone here can help with any information?

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[For Hire] I specialize in Tabletop game illustrations and concept art!

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Looking for advice on upgrading my phone -- would the Google Pixel 4a 5G be a good fit for me?


Hi all, so I'm looking for some advice on my upgrading my phone. I have the Google Pixel 4a 5G in mind but I'm very much open to suggestions.

My current phone is the LG G8 ThinQ, model number LM-G820UM. Some notable specs of it:

  • 6.1" screen size
  • Android 10 OS
  • 6GB Memory
  • 128GB Storage
  • Has a 3.5mm headhphone jack
  • Fingerprint reader on back
  • Really nice display

I like pretty much everything about this phone, except the camera. I wish it had a better camera (specifically the selfie camera kinda sucks imo). But other than that I actually really like the phone! And in fact the only reason I'm looking to upgrade is that Sprint/TMobile sent my family a letter a couple months ago saying they were shutting down their CDMA network at the end of the year. So, they said that means that my phone will no longer work (like won't be able to make/receive calls) starting Jan 1 2022, and that I needed to upgrade. Which kinda sucks to be honest because I quite like this phone (besides the camera), and I would have stuck with it for a few more years, but I guess I can't anymore.

Anyways. I should mention that my mom (who's kind enough to still help me pay for cell service) switched us to Spectrum Mobile. So Spectrum Mobile will be my carrier going forward. I checked their "bring your own phone" eligibility site using my G8's IMEI number and it said I can't carry my phone over though. Bummer. I guess that's because I have the Sprint/TMobile-locked variant of the phone? I got it from Sprint a couple years back so that would make sense. Still kinda sucks though.

Anyways suffice it to say: I think I need to upgrade, and my new carrier will be Spectrum Phone.

So again, I like pretty much everything about the LG G8 ThinQ (except the camera). So what I'm looking for in my new phone is just like the specs of the G8 above:

  • Around a 6.1" screen size (not really a fan of the larger phones)
  • Android OS
  • ~128 GB of storage (around 128GB is plenty for me I've found)
  • ~6GB of RAM (that's also been plenty for me)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Fingerprint reader on the back (or I could do with FaceID, maybe it'd be even nicer, I have just never tried it)

Again -- pretty much equal to the LG G8 ThinQ. Only thing I would like improved is the camera if at all possible, cause I've found the photos the G8 takes are kinda lackluster.

I've been looking at the Google Pixel 4a 5G for an upgrade, as it has quite similar specs and (I think?) would have a better camera? I'm not sure about the camera stuff though, I don't really understand how to read camera specs. I kinda just thing "higher MP is better" but I've seen a few articles saying that that's a gross oversimplification lol.

Anyways though: what do ya'll think of the Google Pixel 4a 5G for me? Or can you think of a better phone? I'm all ears and I'd really appreciate any suggestions or thoughts! :)

And further, I did have some concerns/questions about the Pixel 4a 5G and phone-buying in general:

  1. I know the Google Pixel 4a 5G is a year-ish old at this point. Would that be a particular issue? Like is it uncommon or bad to be getting 1 or 2 year old phones?
  2. From what I can see on that comparison sheet listed above: it seems like the display for the Pixel 4a 5G would actually be worse than my current G8 ThinQ? Am I reading those specs right? Looks like the G8 ThinQ has a higher resolution and pixel density... would the differnce be super noticeable ya'll think? And lastly:
  3. If I get the Google Pixel 4a 5G --- would that phone last me like atleast 3 or 4 years? I really hope so. I'm not the type to like to upgrade my phone all that often. I would prefer to be able to have the phone for many years, and not run into another situation like I'm in right now where I'm forced to upgrade but I really don't even want to that much.
  4. Would the Google Pixel 4a 5G have a better camera than my current phone? (Again this link above has a great comparison). I'm just not really familiar with how to read camera specs.

Thanks so much for anyone who read this all! I appreciate any and all advice, and thank you in advance :)

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Outage at ERS


So happy to be yelled at, even more than usual, at an even faster pace with calls holding. So…so happy.


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DISCUSSION Future of DeFi reserve currencies


I'm wondering what everyone thought about the future of DeFi native reserve currencies (OHM, RAI) that aren't pegged to anything in the real world (e.g., US dollar). This is my opinion:

I think that these "stablecoins" will co-exist with the other ones that are pegged to real-world value currencies, at least in the next 5-10 years.

  • The world is not going to be going entirely DeFi native in that timeframe and we'll have a world where it'll be hybrid crypto and fiat. Of course, there are going to be some users on the extreme ends of the spectrum - some almost 100% full crypto and some not exposed at all - and would make certain choices around their primary medium of exchange, but I don't see the world being 100% crypto in that short of a time span
  • In that kind of world, it'll boggle my mind that there would be a critical mass of places to pay on a day-to-day basis where you could just function off of using something like OHM. I think it is much more likely that something like DAI that is a bit more culturally understood and stable would be used in eCommerce stores.
  • On the point around stability, currencies like OHM are still very volatile, and that honestly will still matter to people who are thinking in real world currency terms. Just see how the market is reacting recently to some of the dips and drops - there are of course some diamond hand HODLERs who care less, but vast majority of people are still using their native fiat currency as a unit of account to see how they are doing.
  • However, there could be a case where something like OHM could get broad acceptance in just the DeFi native land at a Visa card level, and people just swap into that "network of OHM" to use protocols. The volatility point still stands tho...unless most of your outflows are going to be in OHM and crypto native cases, you're probably going to care to some degree what the crypto reserve currency value is in terms of your fiat currency. We still live in a physical/analog world to a certain extent.

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[ DeepSpaceNine ] My friend bought me a D'ja Pagh as an early Christmas gift! And not just any one, it's Major Kira's, my fave character!

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I don't respect the company I work for because the company I work for doesn't respect me, and that makes it harder to respect myself.


Maybe I'm just too high, but I feel that's the true misery of working at walmart

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Request [LFA] Rhodes Crestfur, a sociopath who is obsessed with the balance in all things. More info in comments

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