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I'm mean, it's not awful.

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u/Zbeuzbeu0 Jun 19 '21

Nike Go Flyease


u/GrimSkey Jun 19 '21

Ah yeah, I've seen these. Sucks that hype & resellers drive the price so high up making it harder for some people with disabilities to get this shoe for a reasonable price. Also I though the person was talking about some Nike slides that incorporated the same function as the post.


u/Kelmi Jun 19 '21

Sucks that Nike makes them in limited quantities intentionally to create hype.


u/PmMeYourYeezys Jun 19 '21

Thank you 🙏 Don't want to "defend" resellers here but Nike are the real culprits and they know exactly what they're doing.


u/syntaxxx-error Jun 19 '21

So much hype that I've never heard of them.... I can't help but think that more manufacturing and sells would have fixed that problem.


u/kush4breakfast1 Jun 19 '21

That’s what I don’t get about the Nike limited release hype shit, they sell them for $200+ but only get to sell a relative few. Wouldn’t they be able to make more money if they just released them like normal shoes? The only people that win in this situation are resellers


u/Terryfink Jun 19 '21

Ahh the Nintendo guide to business


u/TheUndisputedRoaster Jun 19 '21

Resellers are a cancer


u/The-Sofa-King Jun 19 '21

How you just gonna fly off the handle and insult cancer like that?


u/Sandy_brothman Jun 19 '21

Pick a bone with r/beermoney


u/greasy_420 Jun 19 '21

How do I block 800k redditors at once


u/TheUndisputedRoaster Jun 19 '21

And u/sandy_brothman see my last post


u/greasy_420 Jun 19 '21



u/TheUndisputedRoaster Jun 19 '21

Well my post was removed but I wasn't banned. Oh well I tried. I kept my post to the point mate


u/Living_Bear_2139 Jun 19 '21

Every business/store is just a reseller tho.


u/3X01 Jun 19 '21

There's a difference between footlocker ordering 300 pairs and managing to sell them at a lower price than buying directly from Nike and some dude with a bot buying two or three sets of Retro 1's and then selling them on StockX for $500+


u/Living_Bear_2139 Jun 19 '21

Yeah. I know. It’s capitalism all the way down/up tho.


u/ScumHimself Jun 19 '21

You’re getting downvoted but you’re not work, this is peak capitalism. Capitalism is the problem.


u/NateDogg414 Jun 19 '21

You’re just making a false equivalency


u/NiceMarketing7 Jun 19 '21

How much easier do slides need to be to put on? Lmao


u/[deleted] Jun 19 '21



u/ExpertOpposite Jun 19 '21

then why make them inaccessible by intentionally reducing quantity


u/PoorlyTimedPun Jun 19 '21

Flyease aren’t fucking slides wtf is with this post. Half people talking about one thing and the other half acting like a completely different shoe is the subject.


u/Ladyleto Jun 19 '21 edited Jun 19 '21

Please keep in mind; not everything is made for people without disabilities.

If you see a product and think "why don't they just [do the thing the product is meant to help with]?" Then it was probably made for people with disabilities so they can do these actions.

(Think about the ridiculous kitchen gadgets ads. Most of these gadgets are meant for disabled people, so they can cook without assistance)


u/IANALbutIAMAcat Jun 19 '21

Right?? I saw these and immediately wanted to get some for my disabled mother but idk about $350 for shoes I’m not sure would work for her.

I’m also kinda poor but like lots of disabled people are poor.

Edit: looks like they were even more expensive when they were newer. Like $1000


u/lexm Jun 19 '21

Might as well make your own.


u/DaggerMoth Jun 19 '21

Luckily there are other shoes that do the same thing.


u/PoorlyTimedPun Jun 19 '21

Yeah wtf, that shit is completely different. Thought to be fair it seems cool but it’s actually retarded because slides fucking slide on, the feature would get used once unless you wanna manually take your slides off everytime.