r/NarcoFootage May 07 '21

Do the narco bosses use drugs like meth ? Discussion



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u/Zbeuzbeu0 May 07 '21

Do you know if big bosses like Chapo and Mencho do/did drugs ?


u/Travlin-wondelost201 May 07 '21

If I recall from the Sean penn interview, Chapo claimed he didn’t do any, but there were some reports that he would partake on rare occasions.

I don’t think you can be a very effective boss of a multibillion dollar organization by doing a lot of drugs. Doesn’t add up.


u/Individual_Package84 May 07 '21

I heard chapo did blow in 80s 90s


u/Select-Add1998 May 07 '21

Yeah, I remeber Chapo said that in the Sean Penn interview that he tried drugs many years ago and didn't liked it so he never became an addict.