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Reddit Recap: "r/antiwork Becomes the Poster Child for The Great Resignation"

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im not allowed to quit


hi everyone! basically what the title says. im 17 years old, still in high school, and working 40+ hours a week. i just put in my letter of resignation (NOT my two weeks) and my boss spammed called me saying that i wasn’t allowed to quit and if i do i’ll never be allowed to work at another insert fast food place here again. im so pissed

edit: this is in america and my parents do know about my hours, they just don’t care as long as i keep my grades up

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Fired After 20+ Years at the Company, Right Before 60th Birthday and Christmas


I'm in shock. My dad just called to say he was fired. He was a paralegal at a law firm for over 20 years, he is about to turn 60. They couldn't even wait until after the holidays.

I know this is a good time to be looking for work in general, but at his age it feels hopeless. He's slower, he's not as tech savvy, etc. Now my parents don't have health insurance. They barely had any savings.

They said he'd been on probation, but they never told him this and there's no written record.

They are asking him to sign an NDA not to badmouth them or sue to get a couple months of severance. He should probably sign it, right? Any other thoughts/advice/compassion?

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Wait, the US can replace striking workers PERMANENTLY!?


As a Canadian who grew up in a union town, I am absolutely shocked at the recent news that Kellogg's will be permanently replacing their striking workers. Everywhere in Canada, even our most conservative provinces guarantee strikers' jobs once the strike is concluded. Otherwise, what is the point? Where is the leverage of the strike if the company can just replace everyone? That makes absolutely no sense.

And for anyone wondering about the Canadian striking model and why this was such a shock: https://lawofwork.ca/why-canadian-employers-do-not-permanently-replace-strikers/

I am so sorry for my US brethren.

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Kellogg's is firing striking workers. We need to make sure this doesn't work out for them.

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Little Caesars near me, after months of switching up hours to accomodate for dwindling staff, has lost it's last worker.

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CEO just asked me to order 3 iPhone 13s


I’m the only IT person for a hospital and the CEO just asked me to order 3 new iPhones. The only thing I thought was odd about the request was the phones because they were so expensive. So I asked who they were for and suggested cheaper models. Turns out they were Christmas gifts for her husband and kids. Must be nice being the highest paid employee and not have to spend a dime on lavish gifts (or worry about the cost of the indefinite phone bills incurred) Sorry for ranting; back to work! 🤬🖕

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It’s a crime to steal from the rich—not from the poor.

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These people are frickin nuts

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Told my parents that I’m going to apply for food stamps because money has been so tight lately and she berated me for abusing the system.


Y’all I’m just trying to feed my child.

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“Look for the helpers.”

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My boss just told me I have to work without getting paid.


I have recently gotten a job two months ago making the most I’ve ever made before (it’s $20 an hour if you’re wondering, which is not a lot). I do social media for a retail company that isn’t very well known, and I have been having issues with my boss contacting me after I’ve gone home to do business related things.

I sent an email stating the hours I work and I will no longer be responding or doing anything business related after I’m clocked out for the day.

My boss had hired a consultant to help with social media before I was even hired, so she has been advising my boss. This consultant lady called me and told me it was “bold and unprofessional” to say when I’m working and that I will not be working off the clock. She went off on me telling me that I need to be available at all hours of the day, and I preceded to state that I’m an hourly associate, and I am not supposed to be working off the clock. She again stated that she “understands”, but I’m doing social media, so therefore I have to work outside of work.

Later, my boss comes in and basically tells me the same thing.

I have never been more livid in my life, and I want to quit on the spot, except for I can’t get another job that will pay me this much. I’m going to try to get written proof of them saying this to me to report, but I am not sure what to do. I want to get a different job, but there is nothing in my area that can pay me this much that I would be skilled at.

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Danny DeVito is a national treasure

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Email was sent out asking employees to pitch in on buying the owner of the company a 900$ gift for Christmas.


Everyone at my work is going to throw in 40$ but I can't bring myself to spend even a penny on this guy. I mean he hasn't done me any wrong but he's literally a multi millionaire. Should I just spend the 40 dollars? Everyone at work suddenly thinks I'm being a prick when I basically said this guy can kick rocks.

Edit: Just to clear some things up I am a real person. The item they are wanting to buy my boss is a "ZIPLEVEL EZDepth for Excavators - EZD-30". I work at a company in Ohio with a shit ton of boomers. I also make 27.50 an hour. I am 29.

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I’m not working a double

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Apply now! Kellogg is hiring scabs online. Let’s drown their union busting. Mods please sticky!


The workers at Kellogg’s cereal plants have been striking for fair pay. Kellogg just announced they will hire 1400 permanent replacement scabs to break the strike. And they are accepting applications online!

This is your chance to apply for your dream job. Maybe you have always hoped to be a:

Permanent Production Associate, Omaha

Permanent Production Associate, Battle Creek

Permanent Production Associate, Lancaster

Permanent Production Associate, Memphis

They don’t even hide the fact that they’re hiring scabs. From the job description:

The Unions representing Kellogg employees in these plants are on strike, and we are looking for employees to permanently replace them, joining hundreds of Kellogg salaried employees, hourly employees, and contractors to keep the lines running.

It’s time to clog their toilet of an application pipeline.

Using the job posting links above, submit an application for one or more sites. When you apply, pretend you’re a resident of one of the cities with a Kellogg strike (Omaha, Battle Creek, Lancaster or Memphis) and make up an address and phone number using the zip codes and area codes listed below. This way they can’t filter out our apps easily.

  • Omaha Nebraska, zip codes 68104, 68105, 68106, 68124, 68127, 68134. area code 402

  • Battle Creek Michigan, zip codes 49014, 49015, 49016, 49017, 49018, 49037, area code 269

  • Lancaster Pennsylvania, zip codes 17573, 17601, 17602, 17605, 17606, 17699, area codes 717, 223

  • Memphis Tennessee, zip codes 38116, 38118, 38122, 38127, 38134, area code 901

Download a sample resume from google images then upload to their application site.

Add your address, work experience and/or education if you like. Have fun with it!

It’s time for r/antiwork to make the news as a formidable fighter for the average worker. Nothing is scarier to a business than organized labor. I submitted four applications. How many did you submit?

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You are doing amazing

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For those of you boycotting Kellogg

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4 day work week bill proposed in US

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employers are seething right now

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Dock me 15 minutes for being 1 minute late? Well then I don't work until those 15 minutes are up.


I come in to work every day an hour early(paid OT). A few times I was literally less than a minute late and had 15 minutes docked from my pay. So now I refuse to work if it's not being paid.

Task is going to take me 2 minutes after the home bell? Guess I'm stretching it for 15. Clock in at 5:46? Guess I'll sit and wait til 6.

If you're gonna take my money, I'm gonna take your minutes. Simple as that.

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Fuck scabs.


If I see one more comment in this subreddit about how we "shouldn't be against" scabs because they're just trying to survive, feed their kids, blah blah blah, I'm going to fucking lose it.

Scabs hurt everybody. Scabs take scab jobs because they jack up the pay during the strike as a way to pressure the striking workers. Scabs are scum and none of us should have one iota of pity for them. They're making a choice. There are obviously other jobs out there that aren't taking away from our union brothers and sisters.

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It's always the best when you get someone to agree with Marx without them realizing you're talking about Marx.

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Not mine, found on twitter. Daughter received this rule list on her first day of work (place mostly employs 16 year-olds)

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