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ROC Judoka sleeps ESP uke 90kg QF Rolling Footage


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u/[deleted] Jul 28 '21

Because that's the best option in the context of the rules, even if it's stupid in the context of a fight.


u/egdm Black Belt Pedant Jul 28 '21

They've got a very short period to initiate an effective attack. If there's no material progression in the attack, the ref will stand them back up. Most competitors don't bother because most opponents (not this guy) can defend for five seconds.


u/Adept_Concert_298 Purple Belt Jul 28 '21

If one defends well, it takes some extensive ground work to open the place for choke. Also you do not want to just attack jiu jitsu style, since if the opponent reverses you and you get pinned, they get the score.

In major rulesets of nogi jiu jitsu, if you fail to secure a control after the takedown and your opponent goes to turtle position, you will not be awarded points.

So i really am struggling to see a point in your questions.