r/bjj Jul 28 '21

Anyone dealt with a herniated disc? General Discussion

It's been about 11 weeks now if this injury and I'm fed up.

I went for a scan and been told my L4-L5 is trapping the big nerve that runs down my leg.

So, even though I have a herniated disc my back isn't sore, I just can't bend over... Putting on socks, shoes, or trying my laces is excruciating.

Sitting on the toilet hurts.

Basically it's like a dull excruciating pain running down your leg from hip to ankle.

It's miserable.

Anyway, was told it's about 8 weeks for it to heal and my doc gave me a bunch of steroidal and non steroidal any inflammatories, aswell as some nerve pain med.

The steroidal anti-inflammatories worked while I was in them, the non steroidal ones didn't to shit.

Anyone else dealt with this? How long were you out?

Im just fed up as going on 3 months out of training. Longest break I've had in 10 years.

Not sure when to expect it to heal, it just doesn't seem to be getting better.