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Problem upgrading plex jail/plugin, it says im running current version, but i am not. Question

So when running manual updater i get this:


it finishes with 'Already running latest version v1.23.5.4862-0f739d462'

However both PLEX says this:

You are currently running version on the server "plexssd". Version is now available. This update will need to be installed manually after download.

and Truenas says this:

Version: Plugin: plexmediaserver Release: 12.2-RELEASE-p9

Im stumped. seems im stuck on an old version, forever.


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u/holeydood3 Jul 28 '21

Yeah, sorry, wasn't able to read the whole script on my phone screen. From what I can tell, you're using a version of the update script that's been forked and left stale for a couple years, so there might be some code in there that doesn't work correctly anymore. When I compare it to the repository it was forked with, the way that it grabs the $CURRENTVER variable is slightly different. So potentially try the script here? https://github.com/mstinaff/PMS_Updater