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Who wants a drink ?

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u/1illiteratefool Jul 23 '21

Buying a used car from an alcoholic clown has its advantages


u/Joshua2149 Jul 24 '21

Like how you can hide your drinks from the police


u/ethylalcohoe Jul 23 '21

Probably a country where alcohol is illegal. This is a police video maybe?


u/MrPatch Jul 23 '21

We drove from Pondicherry to Chennai with the cars doors stuffed like this behnd the cards, one state has tax on alcohol and one doesn't. 20 litres of Old Monk rum made it across the border that night. We did have to buy the border cops off but it was a fraction of the savings we made.


u/Squallywrath Jul 23 '21

Is there a fucking engine in that car somewhere?!?!?!?


u/Dogtor-Watson Jul 24 '21

It runs on alcohol


u/AlphaStrike89 Jul 24 '21

Behind the dash there is usually a decent amount of space.


u/tamezombie Jul 24 '21

Must be a smuggling thing.


u/ILookReal Jul 26 '21

Doubt it. Mother bottles will always look for a warm place to give birth to their litter. I'm sure it probably got in through the wheel well. They're crafty buggers that can gnaw through anything.

If not, then it's probably just a factory defect.



u/smplszn Jul 27 '21

Birth to their liter*


u/commissar-bawkses Jul 24 '21

When you keep spamming the cheat code for more ammo.


u/SteamboatWes Jul 24 '21

For those places where possession of alcohol is punishable by sword.


u/Bootycallmyname Jul 24 '21

The infinity realm is found in the most unusual places...


u/PreferenceOk707 Jul 24 '21

That's how you smuggle drugs


u/PC-hris Jul 24 '21

Car that keeps on giving


u/MrsWhorehouse Jul 24 '21

The Tardis with Doctor Booze


u/SubwayJared8 Jul 24 '21

Car of Holding, Wondrous item.

Category: Item

Rarity: Uncommon

Weight: 4,000 Lbs. (1300 kg)


u/dota2newbee Jul 23 '21



u/longdongthongsong27 Jul 24 '21

Rickys car from trailer park boys LMAO.


u/HippieStarWars1 Jul 24 '21

You can see the bottles dropping from above. Edit: As well as every other item he pulls out. The first two were actually put in there beforehand, but the others were all dropped from above.


u/TheREexpert44 Jul 24 '21

That and he only has to reach in wrist deep every single time


u/Wolverinexo Jul 24 '21

Someone’s probably under the car and continuously passing alcohol to him


u/AWOLcowboy Jul 24 '21

But wait......there's more!


u/LazySwashbuckler Jul 24 '21

That looks like plastic bottles, odd to see that with what looks to be liquor...


u/Comf_waters Jul 24 '21

Guess you never knew somebody with a drinking problem huh?


u/LazySwashbuckler Jul 24 '21

I know there was a guy in my Linux class at school who had a drinking problem, but never really saw him drink, we didn't spend a lot of time together outside of school.

Other than that, no, I don't think I did.

I was mainly surprised as I thought the alcohol would dissolve the plastic, or at a minimum start tasting like plastic, but someone with a drinking problem probably doesn't care about anything other than the alcohol effects.


u/mvhcmaniac Jul 24 '21

Plastic is pretty inert, and not really any more soluble in alcohol than water. We sell cooking oil in plastic containers too, and that's more lipophilic than ethanol.


u/LazySwashbuckler Jul 24 '21

Ah, I didn't know that those were related in that way, I have allways thought that plastic was unsuitable for alcoholic liquids, didn't even think about cooking oil being worse for plastic and still being fine.


u/Comf_waters Jul 26 '21

It’s the cheapest alcohol you can buy, if you go into any liquor store, the bottom selves it will be lined with plastic bottles.


u/Altruistic_Survey926 Jul 24 '21

Dat astroturf tho


u/jerrytjohn Jul 24 '21

Is it just me, or do the AC vents look like the eyes of an ashamed alcoholic during an intervention?


u/wkarraker Jul 24 '21

Han Solo’s other ride, the Infinity Thunderbird.


u/Hoarknee Jul 24 '21

I can't even count that high.


u/RivetAmber Jul 24 '21

I love a good snuggle.


u/lucidddd3 Jul 24 '21

He’s still pulling bottles out till this day


u/sarantoast Jul 29 '21

that’s a lot of mouthwash


u/TradeInteresting2798 Aug 01 '21

You can put your weed in there.


u/TradeInteresting2798 Aug 01 '21

You could put your weed in there.


u/Applesauced47 Aug 08 '21

If your drinking and driving habit goes this far, you need to rethink your life.


u/thunder_struck85 Jul 24 '21

Gotta be one of those smugglers caught bringing the devils drink into one of the Islamic countries. Off with your hands, pal.


u/Death_and_Gravity Jul 24 '21

Nothing so dramatic, I'm afraid. The car is a Tata Indigo, video is from India somewhere. Excise rates are different across states hence there is always a thriving smuggling market going on. This is how some smugglers do it. This one was caught unfortunately.


u/p_funk_918 Jul 24 '21

I'm my heavy drinking days I would have sold my soul to have this car