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Dynamo owner Ted Segal helps launch youth soccer programs, bolsters World Cup bid


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u/dajarbot Garden Oaks Aug 04 '21

I believe, for the most part, most coaches are just doing it because they want to. I don't know of any youth league coaches who are paid more than expenses. It comes down to the pitiable state of parks, so expensive private parks are needed to host games and funds to pay for referees.

Really it is out of lack of public programs and well-funded parks departments that other nations would normally pick up the tab for sports.


u/FunnyIsLife Aug 04 '21

Depends on how you want to define youth leagues. For kids under the age of 10 it’s mostly volunteer. There are multiple clubs in Houston who have full time professional youth coaches. I’ve coached youth soccer as a major part of my income in the past (8-14 year old players, and in city/county leagues). I did it because I wanted to, and got a big raise when I became a school teacher, but a lot of coaches do get paid.