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Niki and Gabi


What do y’all think of Niki and Gabi ?! I think they are one of the fakest two on YouTube. They focus too much on being opposites and copying others. I had to unfollow them on all social media platforms because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

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anybody know what toxictears is vague posting about?


I've been following the breakup between toxictears and Jake Munro and she just posted something she was being quiet about because it was "too much".... any idea what that was?

I was a semi fan of Jake's for a minute but like most other yters something seemed off, their breakup at least allowed me to see how he was in a clear, transparent way.

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It’s been almost a year since this was written, and she’s even worse now. “Eugenia Cooney Is Peddling Anorexic Fetishism”

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start the discussion just got some modmail talking about this very recent thing that is happening. here's a short breakdown for anyone who hasn't come across it yet. it's annoying as hell!

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Great video about Trisha, outlining her history of anti-semitism. Maybe she truly is in-cancelable!

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The Reality of Gambling On Stream - Trainwreckstv

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stephanie harlowe’s victim blaming | a letter from an ex fan

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The story of Drachenlord: how one man managed to turn the entire German internet, his family, friends and the police against him


0: The Background

Drachenlord (German for "dragonlord") aka Rainer W. is a German youtuber born in 1989. He is also a streamer and at times erotic writer and porn producer from the state of Bavaria in Germany. Many people would simply describe him as the German equivalent to Chris Chan though there are certain key differences between the two, the biggest one being that while also having a slight intellectual disability it is minor compared to CWC.

1: The Initial Situation

Rainer begins his Youtube career in 2013, shortly after the death of his father. Before his death Rainer was not allowed on the internet and thus had very little experience with it – this would ultimately lead to the most fatal mistake of his life not even one year later. At this point Rainer was living alone in his childhood home. According to him his mother and sister left the house immediately after his father’s passing to live with his mother’s new boyfriend though this is later disputed by family friends who insisted that Rainer’s lack of emotional control and his tendency to go in debt drove his family out. Rainer was left with his grandmother, his mother’s horse “Blue” and his dog, all of which were a hindrance to him so he put his grandmother in a retirement home and his dog was largely uncared for until animal protection services had to step in and took away the dog. The horse was also left largely uncared for in a field next to his house because he did not want to care for an animal that belongs to his mother. Blue died alone and starved to the bones in early 2017. After his mother, sister, grandma and dog were gone he had the whole property consisting of a house, a workshop, a barn and two sheds for himself.

2: The Beginning Of The End

Drachenlord has always been a huge fan of music, especially metal. His appearance and content in his earliest videos show this very clearly. He talked about metal, danced and did some headbanging in his early videos. Sometimes he would do comedy, Q&A and opinion videos as well. Being a very small YouTuber in 2013 Rainer did not have a large audience yet but especially his opinion videos quickly gained the attention of trolls since Rainer had a tendency to talk about topics he actually knew nothing about. As an example when talking about the Snowden affair he did not know the difference between “NSA”, “USA” and “CSI”. Since Rainer told his viewers his fully legal name in a “20 facts about myself” the trolls were quickly able to find Rainer’s facebook account and thus also the contact data of his family members.

3: The Worst Mistake Of His Life

In February of 2014 his life was about to change forever when one of his trolls found the phone number of Rainer’s sister. Using a distorted voice the troll told his sister “watch out, I know where you live”. Furious about this Rainer uploaded a video where he angrily shouts his full address and dares the troll to show up at his house so they can have a fight. While he quickly deleted the video shortly after the damage has already been done.

4: Lachschon.de

At this point the consequences were not as severe yet since Drachenlord was still largely unknown, having only a couple hundred subscribers. Sometimes pizzas were ordered to his house but that was about it. At one point in 2014 he mentioned that someone actually drove by his house though it was apparently not the troll he dared to visit him. This would change however when a now defunct German forum called “lachschon.de” (German for “laugh already”) gained the attention of the dragonlord in April of 2014. He quickly became a lolcow and of course some users found reuploads of the video where he doxxes himself. This is when things really start to go south, though still largely in the form of online trolling (though one person actually sent him a package full of feces in December of 2014). Trolls started calling the trolling “Drachengame” and this name is still in use to this day. As the trolls got more frequent Rainer started talking about his haters (or “Haiders) more and more which added fuel to the fire.

5: Lügenlord:

As his largely negative following got bigger people started to analyze his videos more and more. The trolls noticed that Rainer had a strong tendency to lie about basically everything and not being very consistent in his stories. This quickly gained him the new title of “Lügenlord” (Lielord). From this point onward whenever Rainer was caught lying people would spam “Lülülülü” which is part of a song they created specifically to call him out on his lies.

6: The First Documented Visitor

In April of 2015 the third troll traveled to Rainer’s home though this visit was different since he filmed and uploaded it. For the first time the trolls gained deeper insight in Rainer’s living situation besides the things he decided to show himself. This sparked a flame of people wanting to visit his house which they soon started calling the “Drachenschanze”. The visitors call themselves pilgrims and at this point they are still mostly harmless. They drive to the house and maybe leave a can of Rainer’s favorite monster energy at his gate to troll him. It would however not stay this way for long.

7: The First Teamspeak Server

A recurring theme in the Drachengame is that Rainer likes to talk to people, though mostly about himself. For this he created his first Teamspeak server in February of 2015. This server, as with many others to come, did not last long however. He deleted it just two months later when one of his crushes called Ariella started singing the lülülü song. In the following years he would always create and delete Teamspeak and Discord servers where he strictly banned everyone who criticized him or even people who tried helping but didn’t share the same opinion. This totalitarian behavior quickly gained his servers the name of “Lordkorea” – a play on the German word “Nordkorea”.

8: The Barn Party And “Break-In”

At this point in May 2015 Rainer knew he had to do something against his haters so he tried a rather different method he hasn’t tried before: instead of banning or insulting the trolls he invited a couple of his most well known haters to a BBQ party in his barn. The guests showed up and things were actually looking rather good for him. That is until two guests asked to go to the bathroom. During this time they wandered around Rainer’s house on their own, making photographs of sensitive documents like his school certificate. It was then discovered that Rainer was deeply in debt and lived in an extremely messy house where certificates, bank documents, etc. were just lying on the floor.

9: The Fire Brigade Is Called

On the 15. of July 2015 the scale of the trolling took a drastic turn when Rainer was angrily saying during a stream that someone had called the fire brigade to his home, telling them that a large scale fire had broken out. This is the point where Rainer officially declared war against his haters, telling them that they won’t get away with this anymore and that “that’s it for them, they are dead.”

10: The Marriage Proposal / Mettwoch

Things were about to go really sour as the trolling got worse and worse every time he talked about it. And boy he likes to talk about his trolls. The most well known event in Drachenlord history is without a doubt the so called “Mettwoch” – a portmanteau between “Mett” (a German delicacy made out of raw beef which was chosen as a troll word because it sounds similar to “mad”) and “Mittwoch” (the German word for Wednesday). On this fatal Wednesday Rainer made a public proposal during a livestream on YouNow to a woman called “Erdbeerchen” (strawberry) who he had only started talking to two weeks prior. As you can expect she was also a hater and answered to his proposal with the words “Rainer, you are a very special person. And with special I mean you’re the dumbest, fattest idiot I have ever met”. This moment was a turning point since it gained a huge amount of traction and put the Drachenlord into the spotlight of the German mainstream.

11: Lustlord, Sex With Animals and Relationships

A recurring theme on Rainers Channel are Q&A videos about sex and sexuality. This video format he calls “Lustlord”. Rainer talks very open about his sexuality and preferences to the point of accidentally admitting to wish to have sex with horses and large marine animals. This format is a favorite of his haters since his lack of experience (he admitted being a virgin multiple times) makes his lies especially obvious. In one video he talks about being a virgin while in the very next he will talk about having sex with multiple men, women, transgenders, you name it. He also frequently talks about having one or multiple girlfriends at the same time. Some of these “girlfriends” actually exist but they are mostly women who he merely talks to for a while and not actually interested in him in any way.

12: The Cascade / Fallout

From this point onward there is too much happening to even remotely fit in one post. Every week something new is happening, soon to be even every day. Rainer fakes his own death, throws an axe at a visitor, exposes his genitals to visitors while a child is nearby, accumulates 60.000€ in debt, starts uploading porn of himself, attacks someone with pepper spray, slams several windows in his home to the point of breaking them, gets convicted to probation multiple times, the roof on one of his buildings collapses, people started throwing eggs and paint at his house and the list just goes on and on and on. In 2018 a full on riot broke out when several hundred people visited the small 42-person village at the same time in the so called “Schanzenfest”. A huge effort by the police was needed to contain the partying people filling the small streets. During all this time he is still not considering to leave the internet for good. Quite the opposite actually, his following grows by the day and every single stream he talks about his haters non stop, adding even more fuel to the fire. He most recent development is that he was convicted to 2 years in prison (for dangerous assault against a hater and slander against a police officer) and he had to sell his house which is supposed to be demolished this year. Instead of finding a new place to live (he was actually supposed to leave the building on Jan 05 2022) he used the money from selling his house to buy a 40.000€ Ford Ranger.

13: He Is Not A Good Person

The average person will probably stand anywhere between “oh that poor guy” and “it’s kinda his fault but he doesn’t deserve it”. I really tried my best to write this as neutral as possible however it is really not easy given the circumstances. The problem is there is hardly anything positive to say about the Dragonlord, even if you really try to find something. You might be thinking “oh you’re also just a hater of course you don’t tell anything good about him” but trust me when I say I really, really, REALLY tried finding positive things about him but there just aren’t many. Rainer is a racist, sexist and officially diagnosed narcissist and he has never even made an attempt to make himself look better. A few examples of his behavior:

-He has no respect towards women at all. Every woman in his vicinity no matter her age will get “jokingly” told to suck his dick and he will leave no chance of a sexual comment untouched. When he privately starts talking to women he has nothing besides sex on his mind and he’ll try everything to get it. There are many, MANY leaked conversations that show some extremely vile behavior including gaslighting and trying to pressure women into sleeping with him.

-He is a racist. He got banned from Twitch for saying the N-word and told people things like “go back to your country, I can see that you have Turkish roots” or “go back to your kebab shop, Ali”. There are even n-word compilations of him online. He also said things like “if I wanted I could get 40 skinheads to show up right now” when talking about foreign haters visiting his house.

-He has no empathy towards anyone besides himself. After the 2020 terrorist attack in Vienna Rainer said in a livestream that he “doesn’t care shit about it”. When his own village got partly flooded during the 2021 floods he offered no help at all to his neighbors and instead opted to go play pokemon go between the destroyed buildings. When confronted about it he acted like he wanted to help by “donating” multiple boxes full of plastic caps he found in his garage.

-His narcissism is unmatched. There are way too many examples for this but probably one of the most ridiculous is when an actual bodybuilder showed up at his house and Rainer argued that the bodybuilder is weaker than him and how he (Rainer) has been in more gyms, lifts more weights and can deadlift more than the bodybuilder. Keep in mind Rainer weighs 200-250 kg (440-550 lbs) and doesn’t do any sport at all which is very obvious by simply looking at him. This wasn’t a joke or just bluff btw, I’m pretty sure he is actually convinced that he can outlift a bodybuilder.

-The few fans he has he does not value. Since Rainer is nowadays close to 200.000 subscribers there are of course some genuine fans of his online. You would think that when ~95% of your viewers are trolls you would cherish the 5% who are rooting for you but that is not the case with Drachenlord. Rainer is only streaming with sub-only chat so everyone who can chat has to pay. Even though his loyal fans have to pay in order to talk to him he still has no problem banning anyone who dares to have a different opinion. Something that extremely annoys him is answering the same question multiple times. If you join the stream and ask a question that someone has already asked before you were even there you will be banned and he will even insult you. If you have a different opinion on ANY topic you are instantly branded a hater and you will be banned. He also has an extremely big aversion against academics and university students, calling them “unfit for life”. If you say you’re studying something you will be banned.

-He is a huge hypocrite. One day he will hold monologues for hours about how you should never insult someone for something they have no control over and ten minutes later he will call his haters (or even fans) stuff like “pimple faces”, “four eyes”, “dwarfs”, you name it. One day he will talk about how he can’t stand machos and will ban people flirting in chat and the next day he tries to convince a pregnant woman to have sex with him on his discord server. One day he will talk about how the trolls don’t respect the law and the police and 5 minutes later he will call the police corrupt, stupid and incompetent (which is something that actually contributed to his conviction).

My Thoughts

I have been silently following the Drachengame for nearly 6 years now though I don’t participate in any trolling. To me it’s a fascinating case study about what happens when you do basically every single thing wrong online. In the beginning I felt really bad for Rainer, especially at the marriage proposal, but once you go down the rabbithole you’ll find it shocking just how much a single person can fuck up in such a short amount of time. Do I think he deserves everything that has happened? To be completely honest… I don’t know. Maybe. I won’t act all morally high and say that he’s just a poor dumb guy who gets bullied online since he himself is a very vile person who did despicable things.

He had many, many chances to turn away from the public eye and return to a normal life but he didn’t. Every time someone offered help he turned it down because he is simply too narcissistic to accept help from anyone but himself.


German Youtuber doxxes himself, gathers an exclusively negative following through his pathological lies and narcissism, turns his house into a warzone and becomes the most hated person on the German internet. His neighbors despise him because he constantly brings trouble to the village, he vilified his family and friends because they wouldn’t support him with his online career and now he will probably face 2-3 years in prison once the court date in march 2022 is over.

I beg pardon for every mistake I have made, English is not my first language as you can probably imagine. If you need sources for something specific I can happily provide them though keep in mind they are all in German.

I didn't link everything there is because this post is cluttered enough as it is but if you want to see something specific let me know.

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Marsii has done another summary of the news about creepshow art

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One of the better takes I've seen on creepshow art

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What’s up with what’supmoms


Anything think something is going on with the channel whatsupmoms and Elle Walker? She posted a couple posts on Instagram which were concerning. They were quickly taken down. The channel is huge now but they very infrequently post. It used to be such a personal fun channel but now, which the videos are still amazing quality, that personal touch is gone. I just wonder what’s up with them…

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/youtubedrama Subdirect Statistics

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would you watch a deep dive of hrh collections/alex?


no drama but a completely unbiased look at who she is using only public information. it would include her controversies too. been wanting to dip into making deep dives and i think this would be a perfect start because she is being talked a lot about right now.

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does anyone know how i can watch gabbie hanna’s old story time videos?


idk if this is the right sub for this so pls lmk if i should go elsewhere.

i used to watch the gabbie show a lot back in middle school and really loved her, so after all of her controversies came out it was super disappointing. i was rewatching old videos about her and after visiting her channel, realized she deleted or privated ALL of her story time videos.

ik she’s not a good person, but he videos were always a source of comfort for me, and it sucks to know i can’t watch them anymore. so i’m wondering if there’s any way i would be able to access them somehow? i really cant find any reuploads.

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JRE manually claimed Hassan

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help me remember these early 2013-2014 youtubers?? (sorry if not allowed!)


i already know this might get taken down, since it's not really relevant to this sub but it's been driving me insane and i feel like this group of people might be able to help me.

back in like 2013-2014 (i think) there were two youtubers/social media girls that were sisters and i cannot for the life of me remember their names. the younger one was a ginger i think and the older one was shorter with curly hair. i feel like this older one would wear a lot of eyeliner? i feel like they got into some drama and were friends/friendly with some big names like maybe o2l??? i really can't remember that well. it's not megan/lindsey hughes.

if anyone has any idea who they could be, please help. it's making me crazy that i can't remember.

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What an explosive ending to the craziest drama of the year.

Post image

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Creepshowart uploaded. And pretty much proved herself that she’s a stalker


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KkgrQbCex0o&t=1820s She doesn’t discuss the lolcow or any other drama btw

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Is Gabbie Hanna ever gonna make it as musician?


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Meta Maybe some flairs? Weekly post?


I don't know shit about modding so sorry in advance. But I really wanna see this sub grow, I have nowhere else to talk about my favorite red triangle website. Maybe a flair for video essays, one for discussions? Or like, r/deuxmoi (yeah yeah I know) has a weekly post -- maybe something so that people can ask and answer questions? "Why do Gabbie and Trisha hate each other," etc.

Love you guys, keep it up. 💖

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Fuck youtube terrible website anyways heres the Dinkster

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Steve delive (defender of pedophilia) is an alleged pedophile

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Toxic Tears and Jake Munro


Well..... Everyone's favourite goth couple are no more. Although nothing has been said as to why this decision has been made by Jake I feel compelled to say my piece Jake has always come across to me as a motivated go getter who has so many plans and I can't help but feel when ever his plans fall through they are all down to Kaya. In Kayas break up video she has said she did not work for 6 months whilst Jake has been consistent with posts, created music and had continued live streams. I can only imagine the frustration of having a partner who does not take work seriously and will happily just do nothing to contribute to the money pot which makes things achievable. I like Kaya but there is a limit on what a partner can take.

r/youtubedrama Dec 18 '21

IT IS UP!!!! Run don’t walk!!

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